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Stormwater Management

Nearly 50 years after the MWA took over a failing water/sewer system and turned it into a model utility in the state and country, the Authority is doing the same with Stormwater Management in Macon-Bibb County. On December 31, 2020, Macon-Bibb County Government transferred the oversight and operation of Stormwater Management Program Services to the Macon Water Authority (MWA). Since that day, the MWA has served as the community's provider of Water, Sewer/Wastewater, and now Stormwater Utility Services.

Stormwater Management has been a concern for Macon-Bibb County for years, well before the MWA assumed the operation of these services through the formation/addition of a Stormwater Utility in 2020-21. The MWA handles Stormwater Management today through an intergovernmental agreement with Macon-Bibb County Government; but prior to that, the Authority provided oversight and implementation of capital improvement projects to repair or replace aging and failing stormwater infrastructure, funded with SPLOST dollars. Stormwater capital projects will continue to address infrastructure issues, but the needs of the community to this point have far outweighed available funding. Thus, a Stormwater Utilty is born.

Macon-Bibb County asked for the MWA to take on Stormwater Management because the Authority has the appropriate expertise and personnel to add stormwater services to its current offerings as a water and sewer provider. The MWA is dedicated to protecting water quality, providing best management practices, and assuring stormwater regulatory compliance. In addition, the MWA is well positioned as a Stormwater Utility because it is in the "linear assets" business, and the Authority is able to provide a dedicated funding source for stormwater services, capital improvements, and expansion.

Today, Macon-Bibb County citizens benefit from the wholistic management of water resources. The MWA is committed to "strengthening the Macon-Bibb Community through comprehensive Stormwater Management."

Please check out our Stormwater Education Video for a complete overview of the MWA Stormwater Management Program Services.

MWA Stormwwater Education Video


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