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Stormwater Education Materials

Stormwater Education Program for Other Organizations

Non-Residential property owners can qualify for a fee credit by meeting whichever of the following two levels is greater:

  • 20% participation based on the number of parking spaces (i.e the number of people required to attend must be at least .20 times the number of parking spaces visible in aerial imagery)
  • 20% participation based on verifiable number of employees or members 

Particicpating property owners must submit documentation for the training acctivity that includes date, description of the training/video, and the record of attendance in the form of a sign-in sheet.  

Stormwater Education Program Fee Credit for Non-Educators

Project WET Materials

Project WET Home Page

Healthy Natural Environments Video and Activity

Conserve Water Video and Activity

Project WET Downloadable Products  *Please note some are free and some are not. 

Project WET Urban Watershed

Project WET Watershed Stewarship Project for Adults 

Project WILD Aquatic


Stormwater Educational Videos

Learn about MWA's Stormwater Management Program 

Learn about Stormwater Fees

Learn About Impervious Surfaces

Learn About Stormwater Credits


Stormwater Brochures and Infographic

Stormwater Infographic

Storm Drain Brochure for Restaurants

Storm Drain Brochure for Autmotive Establishments

Low Impact Development Brochure 





Stormwater Stewardship Activities - COMING SOON

**We are still in the process of obtaining stencils for the storm drains.  We hope to have these available for the public in May.  

Storm Drain Stencils 

Storm Drain Stenciling is an activity that draws attention to one of the many types of non-point source pollution: stormwater runoff.  In this activity, individuals paint a stencil onto a storm drain, reminidng people that litter and pollutants that enter the storm drain can end up in our waterways.  

The purpose of painting a fish or other animal on the storm drain is to remind studets, residents and visitors to a community, that whatever goes into the storm drain does not just disappear, but continues into the environment affecting all life, human and otherwise.  Visitors to the area, that notice the stenciled message on the storm drain will learn about the importance of stormwater runoff and how our community cares for their environment.  Some may even take this knowledge back to their community and do a stenciling program in their town.  


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