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Rate Changes for 2022

In October of 2019, the Macon Water Authority (MWA) Board of Directors adopted the Schedule of Rates, Fees, Tolls, and Charges for 2020, 2021 and 2022. At that time, the Authority also approved its most recent five-year rate plan that runs through 2024.

Effective Jan. 1, and through the end of 2022, some MWA rates/fees will adjust to maintain the utility's sound financial position, to allow for the Authority to continue to reinvest in long-term capital improvements for the water/sewer system, and to account for the increased costs of operations.

Consumption charges will remain on a single tier structure, with a 5 cent increase 

The 2022 MWA rates/fees will continue to feature a single tier structure. MWA Residential and Non-Residential Customers pay a single tiered Water Consumption (Variable) Rate of $2.68 per CCF, which is a 5-cent increase compared to last year.

Likewise in 2022, MWA rates/fees will include an increase of 5 cents for sewer consumption charges (volumetric rates). MWA Residential and Non-Residential Customers will pay Sewer Consumption (Variable) Rates of $2.91 per CCF.

Note: One Unit or CCF is equal to 100 cubic feet, or approximatley 748 gallons.

Base fees will increase 25 cents for standard residential meters

MWA Customers with a standard 5/8-inch or 1-inch meter will see an increase to their base fee for water and sewer services of 25 cents during 2022, as compared to last year. The Water Base Rate for MWA Residential and Non-Residential Customers with a 5/8-inch meter will be $9.25. The Water Base Rate for a 1-inch meter will be $11.75. In 2022, the Sewer Base Rate for MWA Residential and Non-Residential Customers with a 5/8-inch meter will be $9.25, while the Base Sewer Rate for Customers with a 1-inch meter will be $10.92.

Cap on sewer consumption charges, with discounts on billing 

The MWA is unique among public water and sewer utilities in that it will continue to bill less than the total volume (100%) of metered water for sewer consumption charges, while also placing a cap on sewer consumption charges during 2022, just as it has in previous years. The MWA Board adopted this policy in 2012, and the Authority has implemented it each year since.

Residential Sewer Customers without an irrigation meter will pay variable rates based on only 80 percent of their metered water consumption, rather than 100 percent, and these sewer consumption charges will be capped at 30 CCF of monthly use. 

Those MWA Residential Customers with an irrigation meter will pay NO sewer consumption charges for water use metered through their irrigation meter, but will pay sewer consumption charges based off their residential water meter -- although only at 95 percent of the water consumed through that standard meter each month. However, there is no cap on sewer consumption charges for customers who have an irrigation meter.

To review all rates for MWA customers, check out the Rates for All MWA Customers page on this site, or call the MWA at (478) 464-5600.

The following rate changes are effective Jan. 1, 2022 and applicable until the end of the calendar year. The above rate changes are applicable to MWA customers in the City of Macon and Bibb County.


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