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MWA Rates Reflect Value of Water/Sewer

Dec 28, 2018 by Chris Wood, Ph.D.


Even with a 10 cent increase on its water and sewer volume charges for consumption, the MWA will continue to provide customers with some of the most affordable and competitive water and sewer rates in Georgia.

MWA customers will experience a modest increase in water and sewer consumption rates, effective Jan. 1, 2019.

The 2019 MWA water and sewer rates only include a 10-cent (per 748 gallons of use) increase in consumption charges. Consumption charges also are referred to as volumetric rates, which is a rate that applies to the amount of customer water/sewer use. However, for the third year in a row, the MWA will not increase the base fees for water and sewer services.

Beginning in 2019, MWA residential water customers in Macon-Bibb County will pay $2.40 per CCF for consumption from 0 to 3 CCF, and $2.50 per CCF for consumption above 3 CCF. (Note, the MWA uses CCF, or 100 cubic feet, as a measure of one unit of water consumption. One unit, or one CCF, is equal to approximately 748 gallons.)

MWA customers who also receive sewer services from the Authority will pay $2.66 per CCF in 2019, for usage between 0 and 3 CCF, and then $2.76 for consumption above 3 CCF. Sewer consumption charges, however, are billed according to only 80% of a customer’s water usage. It is rare for a water/sewer utility to not charge for sewer consumption according to 100% of metered water use.

Thus, a typical MWA residential water and sewer customer using 7 CCF a month (5,236 gallons) would see their combined monthly water and sewer bill increase $1.30 per month, or by just 2.6%. For a family using 10 CCF a month (7,480 gallons), their overall monthly water and sewer bill will increase $1.80 per month, or by just 2.9%.

Even with this modest increase in water and sewer volumetric rates (on consumption) for 2019, the MWA continues to maintain some of the most affordable water and sewer rates among public utilities in Georgia.

For more information on 2019 MWA customer rates, check out the “Rates, Fees and Charges” page on this website, as well as the “Learn More” link below to our PAFR for rate comparisons and more.

Media contact:
Chris Wood, Ph.D.
P: 770-757-1681

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