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Hurricane Irma a Lesson in Emergency Preparedness

Sep 27, 2017 by Chris Wood, Ph.D.

When Hurricane Irma evolved into a Tropical Storm that passed through Macon-Bibb County on Sept. 11-12, the MWA was ready.

“Our employees did an outstanding job preparing for the storm, and as a result, we didn’t experience any service interruptions,” says MWA President & Executive Director Tony Rojas. “Our Board’s investment in quality infrastructure and our preventative maintenance program paid off big-time during this event.”

Thanks to MWA investments in backup generators and other resources, the Authority was able to maintain operations through the storm. Only the Rocky Creek Water Reclamation Facility lost power temporarily, but with a second power source to run the plant, treatment services continued.

In preparing for Irma’s arrival, the MWA had redundancies in place, not only with generators backing up for potential power loss, but personnel working overtime and doubling up to make sure operations continued without incident. During the few occasions when lift stations in the field lost power, backup generators kicked in to facilitate continued sewer collection and conveyance.

“We had plant operators who spent the night at our facilities, with contingencies in place to address any issues,” adds Rojas. “While we had some minor incidents, customers were never out of service thanks to our collective efforts in disaster preparedness.”

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