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Can You Imagine A Day Without Water?

Oct 21, 2020 by Chris Wood, Ph.D.


Imagine A Day Without Water, recognized this year on Oct. 21st, is a national education initiative organized by the Value of Water Campaign of the U.S. Water Alliance, which includes the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and Water Environmental Federation (WEF), among other industry and utility partners, such as the MWA.

Beginning in the month of October, water utilities across the country concentrate on raising awareness about the value of water.

This event brings together diverse stakeholders to educate and engage the public on how water is essential and invaluable to everyday life. But safe, reliable and plentiful water requires a continuous investment in infrastructure. According to advocates at the Value of Water Coalition, a community’s investment in water and related infrastructure must be a priority.

As an example, the Macon Water Authority has a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that includes more than $40 million dollars of upgrades to the processes and technologies at the Rocky Creek and Lower Poplar Water Reclamation Facilities, which have exceeded their life expectancy.

The Authority’s CIP budget contains items and projects that are deemed necessary in order to maintain and support the infrastructure of the MWA, while upholding the utility’s mission to deliver clean, safe and affordable drinking water and sewer services to more than 50,000 customer accounts.

Water systems and resources in the United States are at risk due to aging and failing infrastructure. According to industry research, somewhere in America a water main breaks every 2 minutes.

Thus, reinvesting in water must be a priority to ensure the highest quality water and sewer services are available for communities to thrive, says Tony Rojas, MWA Executive Director and President.

Could you Imagine a Day Without Water?

Imagine having no water to drink.

Imagine having no water to cook with.

Imagine having no water to wash your hands, or to take a bath or shower.

Imagine having no water for doing laundry.

Imagine having no water for flushing the toilet.

Imagine hospitals having to close without water.

Imagine fire fighters not being able to put out fires.

Imagine farmers not being able to water their crops.

Imagine how disease would spread.

And can you imagine where we’d be during this COVID-19 pandemic without water?

For more information on Imagine A Day Without Water, including activities being held across the country and ways for you to get involved, please click on the “Learn More” link below.

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Lisa Golphin
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