The Macon Water Authority

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Late Payment Policy

Monthly water and sewer bills of MWA customers are due 20 days after they are mailed. A late fee is assessed following a five-day grace period; this late fee is the greater of $3.00 or 10 percent of the overdue balance. Bills still due after 30 days will be assessed an administrative charge of $15.00. MWA customers can avoid late fees and administrative charges by paying bills on time, using any one of several convenient payment methods available to them. Customers may use the MWA Web site (, automatic bank draft, or the MWA Customer Service Call Center to make a payment, at no additional charge.

MWA – Customer Payment Plan Agreement

For those customers needing assistance to bring their account current, the MWA offers a payment plan agreement. According to this agreement, the Authority may allow customers to pay their outstanding balance over the course of a three-month period. During those three months, the MWA customer must pay their current monthly bill and the one-third portion of the previous outstanding balance on that month’s due date. A customer must agree to pay off the entire outstanding debt for water/sewer use, and failure to do so will result in the disruption of service.

Leak Adjustment Policy

In the event Macon Water Authority customers have experienced a leak that has caused a spike in consumption, they may qualify for a leak adjustment. First, consumption must return to average levels, or evidence of plumbing repairs must be submitted. Then, an adjustment is made for half of the wasted water, using the average consumption over a four-month period (three months prior to the leak and one month afterward). The difference between the consumption amount with the leak and the average amount during the four-month period then is divided in half. This adjusted amount is then applied to the appropriate water and sewer rate calculations. Ultimately, single family residential customers will pay no more than three times their monthly consumption average, calculated according to the four-month period (the three months prior to the leak and the one month afterward).

Macon Water Authority
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(478) 464-5600
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