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Human Resources

Like any good organization, the Macon Water Authority is comprised of hard working, dedicated individuals.  The Human Resources (HR) Department of the Authority works every day to ensure that the needs of those employees are met.  The HR Department oversees many major areas that affect the daily lives of MWA employees.

First and foremost, the HR department is in charge of the safety of MWA employees.  As a public utility, there are inherent risks in the day-to-day operations of the Authority.  The HR Department conducts safety training and inspections of facilities to make certain that employees of the MWA work in the safest environments possible.  In the unfortunate event that an accident happens, the HR Department makes certain that the workers' compensation is handled properly.  The HR Department also implements the MWA's drug and alcohol policy.  For the safety and security of all MWA employees, as well as MWA customers, the Authority operates in a drug and alcohol free environment.

Important to all employees of the MWA is the maintenance of the payroll system.  The HR Department handles all levels of payroll, including data entry, check processing, dispersal of deductions, and the garnishment of wages.  Along with these duties, the HR Department is the administrator of the multitude of benefits offered to MWA employees.  These benefits include medical, dental, and life insurance, as well as retirement and deferred compensation plans.

For many, the work of Human Resources actually begins prior to employment at the MWA, as the department is in charge of recruitment and placement for the Authority.  These activities include advertising, application collection and processing, interview scheduling, and making conditional job offers.

Once an applicant is accepted for a position, the HR department is charged with the responsibility of conducting a plethora of orientations and trainings to ensure that the new employee is equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to be a productive employee of the MWA.  That preparation doesn't end there, as the HR Department conducts training and performance evaluations throughout an employee's time with the MWA, to ensure their work is at the level that MWA customers deserve.


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