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How to Read your Meter and Locate a Leak at your Property

The Macon Water Authority offers insights for its customers on two things that seem simple, but may be a bit confusing -- how to read a customer meter and, if necessary, how to detect a leak on the customer side of the meter.

For a detailed explanation on the units of measurement for metered consumption, as well as how to read a meter and its indications of water use, check out the following link to the educatoinal material on "How to read your MWA Water Meter."

For information on how to determine if there is a water leak on the customer's side of the MWA water meter, check out the following link to the educational material on "How to Locate a Leak at Your Home or Property."

Of course, if you have further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care Representatives at 478-464-5600.


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