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Grease Education

Grease Disposal

Residential customers can help prevent sewer spills and overflows by properly disposing of grease within their households.  Rather than pour grease down the drain, potentially clogging and damaging home plumbing and MWA sewer lines, let grease cool and pour it into a sealed container for disposal in the trash.  The MWA has a limited supply of grease can covers to make this disposal of potentially harmful household grease easier for residential customers.  To receive a free, reusable grease can cover, ask for one at the customer service counter of the MWA headquarters on Second Street.

Below are some educational brochures on proper grease disposal in various languages and a link to the Georgia Sustainability website with more information on the proper disposal of grease as well as other household items.

Grease Disposal Brochure - English

Grease Disposal Brochure - Spanish

Grease Disposal Brochure - Chinese


Will it Flush?

Another cause of sanitary sewer spills and overflows and also sewer back-ups into residences is blockages in the sewer mains caused by rags, disinfecting cleaning cloths, and "flushable" wipes.  These types of items should never be flushed down the toilets but should be thrown into the trash.  Even though manufacturers proclaim that their products are flushable, they do not break down in the flushing process like regular toilet paper.  Sewage from your home or businesses has to travel many miles to the nearest treatment plant.  The longer the distance the wipes have to travel in the sewer main leads to a higher probablility that they will not make it and will cause blockages in the sewer mains resulting in sewage spills and overflows and possibly sewage back-ups into homes.  The below link is a video commissioned by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and shows residents what items should or should not be flushed down the toilet. The valuable information it provides could save homeowners, business owners, and the community millions of dollars in repairs and rehabilitation of private laterals and the public sewer infrastructure.

Will It Flush? - Video from Water Environment Federation (WEF)



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